Body By Bethenny with Bethenny Frankel

“People keep asking me how I get in shape, and this is what I do.” –Bethenny Frankel

Unleash your best body as you work out with Bethenny Frankel, celebrated natural food chef, TV star, and New York Times bestselling author of Naturally Thin and The Skinnygirl Dish.

Bethenny keeps her slim figure with simple, realistic exercise routines like this one. Celebrity instructor Kristin McGee joins Bethenny for a 40-minute yoga program that stretches and strengthens the entire body. You’ll get toned abs, thighs, glutes, and arms while increasing flexibility and balance. Follow it up with a focused, 10-minute strength-training segment to sculpt lean muscles and increase your metabolism. Then finish off with the 5-minute Booty Blast to learn fun moves you can do anywhere for a tight, firm behind.

Bethenny champions a down-to-earth approach to exercise that fits your lifestyle. No matter your size, shape, or fitness level, this program will work for you. You are a true “skinnygirl” when you feel your healthiest, so trust yourself, enjoy yourself, and make Bethenny’s workout your own.

Equipment needed: light hand weights and a mat

A certified personal trainer, Pilates master, and yoga instructor, Kristin McGee has worked with numerous celebrity clients and starred in several bestselling exercise DVDs.

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Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel puts her money where her wisecracking mouth is. Her Body by Bethenny workout is an excellent, well-balanced yoga-focused workout that anyone at any level of fitness can try and gain results from. Frankel, who’s written several guides to being a “SkinnyGirl” and has gained fame as a celebrity chef, reinventing fattening traditional recipes to be lower-fat and more healthful, works the exercise portion of her sleekness every bit as much as the diet. In Body by Bethenny Frankel works out, and kibitzes, with yoga instructor Kristin McGee in a 40-minute routine that will be familiar to anyone who’s taken a basic yoga class, yet which manages to be extra challenging with its brisk pace and levels of suggested poses. Frankel fans will laugh out loud when in the middle of doing the challenging workout herself, she cracks wise like she does on her reality TV shows. (When McGee demonstrates “back namaste” pose, with the hands held together, as if in prayer, up the middle of the back, Frankel says, “So I can say I did something religious today.”) The rest of the workout is a short but challenging weights/strength-training section, and a bonus five-minute “Booty Blast” that features bun exercises that can be done anywhere. Taken altogether, the workout is challenging, enjoyable, and doable by almost anyone–and the hour really flies by. Bonus features include some of Frankel’s mouthwatering recipes, including her deliciously updated version of spinach-artichoke dip. Namaste, SkinnyGirls. —A.T. Hurley

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  1. C. Haakmeester "Yoga Muse" says:

    A Complete All Over Workout Even though I am a fan of the series, as well as a fan of Bethenny, I always go into a purchase with reservations, but I was hearing good things about the program and I decided to buy this.The DVD has a lot on it. The total work out length of her progam is just under an hour, and the instruction is led by Kristin McGee, with Bethenny following along with interjections and her dry wit here and there.In the yoga segment which is about 40 minutes, the poses are explained with nice detail, and modifications are given when needed, and even a tip here and there if you are feeling abititious. The setting looks like a loft apartment and the music is just a new age style, typical for this kind of workout.On occassion there will be a flash of words…a word bite if you will, that will tell you the benefit of what you are doing.I have several yoga dvds, and I do enjoy this instuctor quite a bit, just for the fact of her details during the instruction, and her giving you information in down to earth manner. She is very encouraging, and is always looking at yoga as an experience.The second part is a series of weights. Its about ten minutes in length. This is also taught by Kristen, and it’s pretty basic exercises, but I think again it’s solid instruction on how to do them and correct form. I think it could be a bit longer, but if you feel ambitious, you can always play it twice. I think keeping it at ten is good for someone that doesn’t have a lot of time but you still want to do something.The third is called the booty bonus. Its very short, roughly about 5 minutes, but taught by Kristen with the same informative instruction. This doesn’t require any weight so you can do these anywhere.There are a couple of bonus footage pieces.There’s a cooking segment and it gives the instruction of skinnygirl spinach artichoke dip.There’s also two workout segments. They are called Pilates for Beginners and Exhale: Core Fusion Pure Abs and Arms. They are brief, but you can always incorporate those pieces into the workout as well, or do them separately.Overall, I really like this DVD. Since it just came out today, I can’t speak of the long term results just yet. I can say that given my experience with yoga videos I can assure you it’s complete workout. Challenging but not so intimidating that a beginner would feel defeated. That to me is very important as if you feel that way you will not want to do it again.Anyway, please do give this program a try. You will not be dissappointed!Update: I have done this video all this week since getting it. Again I can’t speak of the long term results just yet, so I am going to tell you how I am feeling currently.I am pleased to say each time I do this DVD I enjoy it more and more. Even with the more challenging poses, I am finding myself having more strength each time to complete them and I will have to say there a sense of pride when I do that.I am sore all over, particularly in the thighs butt lower abs and shoulders…and that’s a good thing.Anyway, just wanted to give that feedback. Will provide more in several weeks and hopfully by then I will be able to give you my results. :-)Update #2 I am still loving this DVD. I think it’s because it is so challenging. so I am not bored by any means.I am getting better with the moves, and Bethenny is spot on when she says with balance, some days are better than others and that’s so true for me.I am glad she made it this level, otherwise I know I would tire of it easily and toss it aside. That won’t happen with this DVD, that’s for sure!

  2. Beth Cholette "doctor_beth" says:

    Nice strength-based yoga practice NOTE: I received a free copy of this DVD to review for the web site Metapsychology Online Reviews; you can read a more detailed version of my review on that site.Prior to trying this DVD, I was unfamiliar with Bethenny Frankel; apparently, in addition to having appeared on THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK CITY, she has authored several “Skinny Girl” series book titles. In this video, Bethenney is joined by popular yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee, and in fact it is Kristin who actually leads the workouts, although she and Bethenny banter back and forth, with Bethenny frequently suggesting modifications for the moves.From the Main Menu of the DVD, you can select “Workout Features,” which gives you several options:* Play All (55 minutes)* Yoga (40 minutes)* Strength Training (10 minutes)* Booty Bonus (5 minutes)The yoga practice is strength-focused in nature. Throughout, Kristin and especially Bethenny talk about how the poses target muscles of the lower body in particular. Kristin begins with three full rounds of sun salutations, adding on high lunge, warrior 2, and reverse warrior. As the practice continues, she works in some lower-body focused flows and includes some more challenging postures such as side plank and half-moon. Kristin also displays a balance pose (tree), a backbend (wheel), and an inversion (shoulderstand), although Bethenny shows modifications for each of these postures. Kristin instructs this routine well, offering mirrored cueing and plenty of form pointers. However, it is not appropriate for those new to yoga given that the difficulty level of the poses is more advanced beginner to intermediate.For both the Strength Training and the “Booty Bonus” portions, Bethenny and Kristin are wearing sneakers. The Strength Training consists of two weights circuits: each contains three exercises performed for 12 repetitions, and then the full circuit is repeated once. The exercises in the first circuit are side lateral raises, bicep curls, and bent over rows. The three exercises that make up the second circuit include front raises, triceps kickbacks, and overhead shoulder press. Again, it is Kristin who is leading the workout; she and Bethenny both use 5-lb. weights. Kristin also directs the bonus segment, which is very brief (less than 4.5 minutes of actual exercise time) and uses no weights. Kristen performs a single set of rear and side leg lifts followed by a set of squats; she then repeats the leg lifts on the other side, does one more set of squats, and that’s it!Finally, this DVD offers several Bonus Features: Cooking Segment – Bethenny Frankel Biography – Kristin McGee Biography – Bonus from: Pilates for Beginners – Bonus from: Exhale: Core Fusion Pure Arms & Abs. Overall, this DVD offers a nice, strength-based yoga routine with respected yoga instructor Kristin McGee. The yoga portion would be especially appealing for those who don’t like the voiceover instruction found with most yoga practices on video. The strength practices, while well-done, are too short to be of much use, although they might work better combined with one or both of the Bonus workouts. But for the right audience, I would recommend this DVD.

  3. Ellen P. Lafleche-christian says:

    Body by Bethenny Body by Bethany features a 40 minute intermediate yoga workout that will strengthen and tone your entire body including abs, glutes and arms. This workout DVD will help you increase your flexibility and balance. Also included on Body by Bethany is a 10 minute strength training segment to sculpt lean muscles and increase your metabolism and a five minute Booty Blast to learn fun moves that will help you have a tight, firm behind (who doesn’t need one of those?).While I’d class this DVD as more an intermediate yoga workout, it does include modifications for those that may not have the flexibility or the stamina to follow the routine precisely as it’s shown. Bethenny encourages a down to earth approach to exercise that will fit your lifestyle no matter your size, shape or fitness level. She feels you are a true skinnygirl when you feel your healthiest and encourages modification of the routine to make it work best for you. You will need light hand weights and a yoga mat to complete these workouts.Also included with this DVD is a bonus cooking segment, a recipe booklet from Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Dish, and bonus workouts from Pilates for Beginners with Kristin McGee and Exhale: Core Funsion Pure Arms & Abs. I’m looking forward to trying the Brownie Cookies soon!I really enjoyed Body by Bethenny. It offered a more intense workout than many yoga workout DVD’s I’ve seen. I had to use the modifications several times through the workout because I don’t have the flexibility I did when I was younger. I definitely felt the adrenaline rush with this workout and recommend it to anyone who is looking to step up the pace of their yoga workout.

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